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Wedding Guest 101 - How to be the Best Wedding Guest

Wedding guest etiquette is always something I enjoy talking about. Most wedding guests are so excited to be invited to a wedding and part of someone's big day. This does come with a lot of responsibility though, because the couple chose you to be with them on their biggest day. You represent the couple and it is important to respect their requests and wishes. The following tips are crucial in ensuring to keep the couple happy and respecting your peers at a wedding.

-Always RSVP. Do not put the invitation aside and wait, do it right when you receive it, that way it is done and off your to-do list. This helps avoid unnecessary headaches for the couple at the last minute or spending unnecessary money on unused food.

-Do not bring extra guests, your invitation will state if you are allowed a plus one or not.This includes children. Some couples want a kid free day so pay attention to the couples requests on this.

-Be on time. If the ceremony start time is 4:30 PM, be in your seat by 4:20 PM latest. Sneaking in is not a thing, most of the time if you’re late you distract everyone. Don’t be late.

-If it is an unplugged ceremony, do not pull out your phone. The couple pays thousands of dollars for a professional photographer, don’t be that person to ruin a shot because you need a photo of it first.

-Follow the dress code, and for the love of all things - DO NOT WEAR WHITE (unless it is informed by the couple to do so).It can be uncomfortable showing up underdressed, so pay attention to the couples request.

-Do not go into the reception space (where dinner is held) before you are allowed to. Photographers need to capture the room details, and table details before the guests are welcomed in. If you leave your purse there, then you are ruining the photos before they even happen. I promise your chair isn’t going anywhere.

-Do not interrupt the bride and groom during their dinner.They have so much going on throughout the entire day, let them have 10 minutes in peace to enjoy their meal they paid a lot of money for.

-Sign the guestbook.

-Bring a card or gift.

-Keep your opinions to yourself. The couple has been planning their wedding for a long time and spending money to make their dream day come to life. Do not ruin it by sharing your opinions on the bridesmaids dress colors or dry chicken entree.

-Do not get wasted. An open bar is not a green light to get blackout drunk at a wedding. Do not make a fool of yourself, or of the couple. Because as mentioned above, you represent the couple. Have fun but be responsible and respectable.


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